Full album visuals for Kaelin Bougneit's 'Geograph'

In June, we released Kaelin Bougneit's album Geograph, an album of drone and free improvisation that invokes natural processes and places.

We're happy to share new visuals for the ENTIRE RECORD, created by Bougneit to accompany the album. Created from generative processes in Processing and Resolume, the visuals for Geograph go even further in exploring the ideas of the album through layered, meditative psychedelia.

View the entire album on YouTube and stream/download the album in the store of your choice!

Three new works from The Agromaniac


This month at Subviolet, we bring you a rebirth of The Agromaniac, a project exploring speculative fiction in the form of industrial electronics, manipulated field recordings, and sci-fi tinged ambience. The three projects - out now - all explore different aspects of the same world.

Cxcatel takes a cinematic, macro viewpoint. Weightless, modular drones give way to kinetic sound collages and shortwave recordings. The dense ambient dub of Desert Electric Dealer details the windswept drama of the planet’s torched surface. What Am I, He Asks? Brother, It Gasps. paints vivid pictures of post-human places and spaces using a combination of both generative systems and live synth recordings.

All three projects are available for FREE from Subviolet Records or can be found on your preferred store/streaming service.

Desert Electric Dealer
What Am I, He Asks? Brother, It Gasps.

Zero Tep - "to breathe, unfold"


We’re pleased to share an intense new piece from Zero Tep with you: “to breathe, unfold.”

The 10-minute composition is constructed from a tangled web of synthesizers, fuzzy guitar pedals, dreamy delay, and a meticulously composed string orchestra. An electronic tone poem for the wilderness, “to breathe, unfold” represents a stylistic expansion on the Zero Tep sound, building on a foundation of psychedelia, trip-hop, and loose strands of pop and drone music.

Stream or Download “to breathe, unfold” on your store of choice!

Psychic Sex - Home of the Paranoid

The new Psychic Sex album, Home of the Paranoid, is out now on Subviolet Records!

Home of the Paranoid is a collection of rock music recorded and assembled from Summer 2015 - Winter 2017. Polyphonic poetry clashes with fractured alt-rock riffs and sardonic vocals. Like its chromatically ill cover, Home of the Paranoid echoes of American rock music past, finding a midpoint between no wave apathy and new wave groove.

Follow this link to stream/download in your preferred store or find it in the Subviolet Store!