Zero Tep - "to breathe, unfold"


We’re pleased to share an intense new piece from Zero Tep with you: “to breathe, unfold.”

The 10-minute composition is constructed from a tangled web of synthesizers, fuzzy guitar pedals, dreamy delay, and a meticulously composed string orchestra. An electronic tone poem for the wilderness, “to breathe, unfold” represents a stylistic expansion on the Zero Tep sound, building on a foundation of psychedelia, trip-hop, and loose strands of pop and drone music.

Stream or Download “to breathe, unfold” on your store of choice!

Psychic Sex - Home of the Paranoid

The new Psychic Sex album, Home of the Paranoid, is out now on Subviolet Records!

Home of the Paranoid is a collection of rock music recorded and assembled from Summer 2015 - Winter 2017. Polyphonic poetry clashes with fractured alt-rock riffs and sardonic vocals. Like its chromatically ill cover, Home of the Paranoid echoes of American rock music past, finding a midpoint between no wave apathy and new wave groove.

Follow this link to stream/download in your preferred store or find it in the Subviolet Store!

Zero Tep - Skybox EP out now!

Zero Tep - Skybox EP - cover.png

Zero Tep's brand new Skybox EP is a culmination of years of work on the project. Comprised entirely of vocal tracks, VIP cuts, and pop experiments, the Skybox EP is like a distillation of Zero Tep music.

For those following Zero Tep, a lot of this music will be familiar already. Some have appeared on Soundcloud, in mixes, or at live shows, but here are the properly trimmed and mastered edits in one place!

Stream the lead single, "Something / About Us" featuring London vocalist/producer K the Infinite.

Kaelin Bougneit - Utopia! Utopia! Echo, blithe apocalypse!

Utopia! Utopia! cover.jpg

As Subviolet gears up for a busy 2018, I wanted to share a small omen of the things to come. Utopia! Utopia! Echo, blithe apocalypse! is a loop of minimalist music made in Ableton Live and turned loose alongside a Live project file to help you inspire your own compositions. The B-side comes from a late night duet with my old apartment heater...

The artwork is taken from a children's book my aunt Susannah illustrated for my brother and I as kids. I rediscovered the book recently and snapped that photo because I loved the haunting watercolor bleed.

You can download the EP here as well as the Ableton Live project file for the song.

In other news, catch a little video of Zero Tep's performance at the first Phuture Collective monthly! It was a great time, and I got to connect with a crowd of people I never had before. Energetic and carefree all around.

Infinity Pool - Infinity Pool out now!

Infinity Pool 7 PROPER.jpg

Subviolet Records is proud to bring you Infinity Pool, a brand new collaborative project between Hot Science (of Milwaukee's Nice FM production house) and Zero Tep. Wavy and colorful, Infinity Pool's eponymous debut EP is a shot of energetic synthpop right to your brain.

Read an interview with the duo over at Milwaukee's Breaking and Entering!