New Music from Zero Tep and The Agromaniac

Time for another update!

Recently, I've been creating some club-oriented Zero Tep tracks again. First up is a collaboration with my good friend Noer the Boy, appropriately titled "Send Help".

Then, just a couple days ago, I dropped a bubbly/"hard-as-fuck" anti-anthem called "Plastik FM". Check it out:

Lastly, over on Subviolet's experimental electronic imprint Antistack RecordsThe Agromaniac is putting the finishing touches on his latest album, "Inferno". Full to the brim with his signature brand of plodding, grotesque ambient/industrial techno, this promises to be one of the most punishing and intriguing records of the year, expanding the palette of sounds on Antistack. Pre-orders soon...

Hear the first track from the album, "New Crusade", below: