miXile's "Of Light and Dark" Coming in July to Antistack

I'm thrilled to announce that one of my favorite artists - a veteran of electronic music and a true patron of the arts - miXile, will be releasing his next record, "Of Light and Dark" on Antistack Records (Subviolet's experimental electronic imprint) on July 13th. You can pre-order it right now, including on limited edition CD.

A departure from all of his previous work, miXile's "Of Light and Dark" takes influence from classic electronic artists such as Klaus Schulze and early Tangerine Dream - with their clean, detailed synthesizer work - but warps their expressive vision through the lenses of gritty techno, cerebral drone, and impressionistic maximalism.

Personally, I think that this record is a testament to the raw power that classic forms of synthesis and electronic sound design still carry to this day, although miXile's work is particularly forward-thinking through his use of manipulated field recordings and broad take on genre.

Take a listen to the first track from the album, "Prelude to a Nightmare", below.