miXile - 'Of Light and Dark'

I'm incredibly pleased to share the latest album from ambient veteran miXile with you. Of Light and Dark is the aural account of a tramatic breakdown, expressed in heady electronic drones, cascades, and soundscapes. Take a listen to the album below, or snag a limited edition copy of the CD!

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to release music as Zero Tep through my friends at Noh Life. You can take a listen to a choice new cut with my friend Outlit below. 

By the end of 2015, I will be putting out a Mad Atlantic retrospective. While digging through the seemingly endless amounts of archival material I have, I found some unheard gems worth releasing. Expect to see a few of those on there as well. 

In its current incarnation, Mad Atlantic has run its course. It may very well breathe second life again someday. However, as soon as the retrospective is released, all other Mad Atlantic content will be removed from the web. Just a heads up in case you wish to download them again!

Cheers!  -Kaelin