Kaelin Bougneit - Utopia! Utopia! Echo, blithe apocalypse!

Utopia! Utopia! cover.jpg

As Subviolet gears up for a busy 2018, I wanted to share a small omen of the things to come. Utopia! Utopia! Echo, blithe apocalypse! is a loop of minimalist music made in Ableton Live and turned loose alongside a Live project file to help you inspire your own compositions. The B-side comes from a late night duet with my old apartment heater...

The artwork is taken from a children's book my aunt Susannah illustrated for my brother and I as kids. I rediscovered the book recently and snapped that photo because I loved the haunting watercolor bleed.

You can download the EP here as well as the Ableton Live project file for the song.

In other news, catch a little video of Zero Tep's performance at the first Phuture Collective monthly! It was a great time, and I got to connect with a crowd of people I never had before. Energetic and carefree all around.