Forthcoming solo album from Kaelin Bougneit: "Three Voices and a Jigsaw"


Operating strictly under aliases until now, Subviolet label head Kaelin Bougneit will be releasing his first solo album Three Voices and a Jigsaw. A collage of recordings made privately over the last 10 years of studio work, Three Voices and a Jigsaw is half present, half past. Presented in four distinct movements, some of the 17 individual pieces have been manipulated and resampled many times over a period of years to reach their current form.

The album drifts dynamically between pastoral ambient psychedelia, patchwork hynogogic hymns for synthesizer and guitar, and spatially-inspired improvisations recorded in quiet moments. Songs about Wisconsin roads like "Highway 18 to Dickeyville" and "Highway 55 to Langlade" conjure colorful images of midwest forests and farmland, while songs like "Drone for Predatory Butterflies" and "Color Waves" encourage an almost meditative sense of inner space. 

Three Voices and a Jigsaw will be released Monday, June 5 for FREE!