Noer the Boy & Zero Tep - Thrill Pill

Thrill Pill, the new EP from Noer the Boy & Zero Tep, is available to download and stream everywhere now!

The two Wisconsin-born bass producers are famous for their kaleidoscopic range of sounds and energetic production. Noer the Boy warps and destroys the conventions of trap and hip-hop, while Zero Tep brings complex rhythm and eclectic instrumental design to the table. This 7-track, split EP showcases not only their best work together, but separately as well.

You can stream the EP on Soundcloud or grab a copy from the Subviolet Store!

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Zero Tep & Arfus - Cathemeral

Zero Tep & Arfus - Cathemeral Cover.jpg

Zero Tep & Arfus' new album Cathemeral is a maelstrom of crushed IDM, cosmic ambience, avant-garde electronics, and emotional impressionism. Playing out almost like a film, Cathemeral is a document dedicated to all lost beings, native or foreign to Earth.

You can find Arfus on Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook!

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Of course, you can stream Cathemeral on Soundcloud or even name your own price in the Subviolet Store.

Zero Tep - Window Shopping

Over the past four months, my relationship with the Milwaukee/Wisconsin collective Noh Life has grown exponentially. I've released eight of my own tracks and seven collaborative tracks with the group, with no plans to stop anytime soon. In each of my releases, I've strived to construct vivid alternate realities, and frequently I even find myself getting lost in them.

With that being said, I feel that my favorite tracks from Noh Life were ones I could not only play in a club, but listen to at home. They were often beautiful, aggressively urgent tracks that drove your desire to not only move your body, but stimulate your mind as well.

So I set out to create something that embodied the spirit my favorite songs from the label, and it's called "Window Shopping". Thank you for supporting my music and a huge shoutout to the Noh Life fam. Visit our homepage here.

miXile - 'Of Light and Dark'

I'm incredibly pleased to share the latest album from ambient veteran miXile with you. Of Light and Dark is the aural account of a tramatic breakdown, expressed in heady electronic drones, cascades, and soundscapes. Take a listen to the album below, or snag a limited edition copy of the CD!

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to release music as Zero Tep through my friends at Noh Life. You can take a listen to a choice new cut with my friend Outlit below. 

By the end of 2015, I will be putting out a Mad Atlantic retrospective. While digging through the seemingly endless amounts of archival material I have, I found some unheard gems worth releasing. Expect to see a few of those on there as well. 

In its current incarnation, Mad Atlantic has run its course. It may very well breathe second life again someday. However, as soon as the retrospective is released, all other Mad Atlantic content will be removed from the web. Just a heads up in case you wish to download them again!

Cheers!  -Kaelin