Noer the Boy & Zero Tep - Thrill Pill

Thrill Pill, the new EP from Noer the Boy & Zero Tep, is available to download and stream everywhere now!

The two Wisconsin-born bass producers are famous for their kaleidoscopic range of sounds and energetic production. Noer the Boy warps and destroys the conventions of trap and hip-hop, while Zero Tep brings complex rhythm and eclectic instrumental design to the table. This 7-track, split EP showcases not only their best work together, but separately as well.

You can stream the EP on Soundcloud or grab a copy from the Subviolet Store!

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Zero Tep & Arfus - Cathemeral

Zero Tep & Arfus - Cathemeral Cover.jpg

Zero Tep & Arfus' new album Cathemeral is a maelstrom of crushed IDM, cosmic ambience, avant-garde electronics, and emotional impressionism. Playing out almost like a film, Cathemeral is a document dedicated to all lost beings, native or foreign to Earth.

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Of course, you can stream Cathemeral on Soundcloud or even name your own price in the Subviolet Store.