Upcoming Releases: Spring 2015

Subviolet has just been founded and already I'm looking forward to two sharing two big releases with you. Both will be coming in March

 Psychic Sex - "You, Voyeur"

Conflicted hedonism abounds in the debut EP from Psychic Sex. Part punk, part sludge, and part dance, "You, Voyeur" is nothing but twisted lyricism and sleazy hardcore made with only a bass guitar, drum kit, and worn-out mic.

It is my plan to press a limited number of copies of "You, Voyeur" to vinyl later this year, which will include a novella to complement the record.

Out March 10th.


Zero Tep - "Vibrations, Vol. 1"

The first in a series of eclectic beat tapes, "Vibrations, Vol. 1" blazes through wonky hip-hop, soulful chiptune, and utterly destroyed bass music in record time.

Out March 27th.

While the beat tape is still being edited, you can hear a sampler of the whole thing below:

I can also confirm that industrial/ambient techno producer The Agromaniac is working on a record for Subviolet imprint Antistack Records, a Mad Atlantic retrospective will also be compiled this year, and that my long-delayed new Kabee mixtape will see release in spring/summer as well.

Thank you, friends! From now on, you can willfully ignore the eight or nine scattered destinations across the internet for my various projects, and instead find them all here!

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