Pre-order The Agromaniac's "Inferno"

It's been a while since I've had anything to share from Subviolet's experimental electronic imprint Antistack Records, but now I'm pleased the share that The Agromaniac's new album, Inferno, will be arriving on May 26th!

YOU CAN PRE-ORDER THE RECORD HERE! When you do, you'll receive "New Crusade," the first single from the album, and then a brand new track sometime in the next few days!

While "AM" explored dark, visceral doom and "Revisionism" explored the political underpinnings of modern America, The Agromaniac's new album, "Inferno" shifts away from the lo-fi, high-concept album format to deliver track after track of carefully constructed, inventive, and relentless techno. 

From the half-time screech of "New Crusade" to the straightforward dancefloor frenzy of "Methoxetamine" to the noise monstrosity "Atrophy" featuring Lunacybot, every sound is completely explored and utterly captivating. This is not the techno you know and love, but something very different.

Check out the first track from the album below: