Zero Tep - A Trick of Physics + 2 new collaborations

Zero Tep's new album, A Trick of Physics, is finally available! A Trick of Physics is a retrofuture melt of jazz fusion, footwork patterns, and late-night Moog jams. Inspired by natural phenomena (the "everyday psychedelic") and library music, the album is a compositional dive into the beautiful and exotic.

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Zero Tep also has two new tracks out via Portland music family Phuture Collective. One is "Excitosis (feat. K the Infinite)," a very personal song about loneliness and purpose. The other is a song by Noer the Boy featuring Zero Tep called "Numbness." Listen to both below:
Zero Tep - "Excitosis (feat. K the Infinite)"
Noer the Boy - "Numbness (feat. Zero Tep)"

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